Greeted by abdul, the young one, he recalled our previous dinner.  ‘You guys really went for it.’ We ordered the soup and the white beans.  Then walid stepped in like rick at ricks cafe americain in casablanca. We then went Salta, haneeth, and segar –  what was basically like lamb al pastor _ fantastic, different, and aromatic like a forest of holiness.  It was, obv, step by step, a fucking outstanding meal.  Each plate took us deeper into a mouthful of earth baked wonder.  The salta is so unique, so stone cold incredible, and followed by haneeth its like a one two punch from Ali in his prime.

Then tea.

Walid and I discussed a little food history, yemeni history, yemeni food vocab, a funny hot sauce story, wet towel plans, and his new outdoor oven that he says will make the most incredible wood smoked lamb dish known to man – one we’ve never had – that he will contact us when the oven is in.  It is the only of its kind in ny.

Walid + haneeth equals wet towel.